Journal Note-Taking Sample 2

Source: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings                                       Chapter: 1

Major Theme: Maya (referred to herself as Marguerite) struggled with the idea of being a “too-big Negro girl, with kinky black hair, broad feet, and a space between her teeth that would hold a pencil”.  She thought of it as being in a black ugly dream wishing she could wake up a white woman with long, blonde hair.

Salient Points:

  • As a child, Maya was not happy with her heritage.
    • She thought of her dress at church as being of second-hand material probably from a white woman’s faded purple throwaway.
    • She did not want any remanence of being black including having a southern accent.

How I could relate to this chapter

A big struggle that most black have is knowing and accepting their own identity.  I struggled as well being brought up in a white predominate world.  I only saw my black heritage through the prism of white suburban American and found it hard at first to accept and see who I am from the inside out.